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Iraq Invades Kuwait

Historical Events

Around 2 am on August 2, 1990 Saddam Hussein's forces attacked its small oil rich neighbour Kuwait. The Kuwaiti defences crumbled quickly as the surviving forces fled to Saudi Arabia along with the emir and other government officials.

Saddam had annexed Kuwait to gain control of 10 percent of the world's oil supply, as well as a substantial access to the Pursian Gulf coastline.

The United Nations Security Council universally denounced the attack and on August 6 imposed a world-wide ban on trade with Iraq. August 9, Operation Desert Shield, the American defence of Saudi Arabia, began. Desert Shield would become Desert Storm as the U.N. would authorize the use of force on January 15, 1991.

Posted:  2002-08-22  3:08:32 PM

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Historical Events

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Historical Events

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