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Distant Worlds' Useless Facts is a rather pointless web site designed to provide you will all the pointless trivia, pop culture references and points of interest(?) that you can handle. Over time this database will be filled with facts figures and records of all kinds as I find them.

Any facts boasting the biggest/smallest/oldest etc. of anything are based on the record as it stands at the time the fact was posted. Events subsequent to the posting of any record may result in a new record that may or may not be listed on this site.


Listing a fact on this site is in no way a value judgement of the subject of the fact or event. Many of the events and topics listed on this site are very serious and important. Indeed I hope to include many of the most important events of history in this site, Anything listed here is listed because it was notiable, important or interesting at the time I found it. Despite the title and tone of this site, events of great social and historical value will make up the bulk of the information listed here.

All the information for this site is found in the general media; from television, the internet, newspapers and magazines. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the acuracy of the information that goes into this site, however; the facts and figures in this site are in no way garanteed accurate and any information you find on this site should not be relied upon without any credible corroboration from another independent source.

Where a fact or statistic has been researched from a single source the source is listed. Listing a source implies in no way any sort of endorcement of this site by the mentoned source, nor does it constitute any sort of endorcement for listed source. Sources are listed only as a courtesy.

Everything listed here is a product of my own research and, for the time being, does not include contributions from anyone else. At some point in the future I may open it up to allow submittions from other people (web, e-mail or otherwise), but for now I am not interested in information submitted for inclusion here.

I'm always interested in feedback and encouragement. Provided you're not sending me spam or complaining about the inclusion/exclusion of a particular fact on this site, please e-mail me.

James Whitaker, B.Sc.


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