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Iraq Regains Its Sovereignty

Historical Events

On June 28, 2004 the United States led coalition handed sovereignty back to the interim Iraqi government. The surprise hand-over ceremony took place at 10:26 a.m., two days before the originally announced transfer date of June 30th.

The following letter was part of the transfer document:

"As recognized in U.N. Security Council resolution 1546, the Coalition Provisional Authority will cease to exist on June 28th, at which point the occupation will end and the Iraqi interim government will assume and exercise full sovereign authority on behalf of the Iraqi people. I welcome Iraq's steps to take its rightful place of equality and honor among the free nations of the world. Sincerely, L. Paul Bremer, ex-administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority."

Posted:  2004-07-02  11:56:52 AM

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