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First Woman Executed In Texas In 135 Years

Historical Events

On February 3, 1998 the state of Texas executed Karla Fay Tucker by lethal injection. She was pronounced dead at 6:45 pm.

She had been convicted for the murder of Jerry Lynn Dean and Debra Thornton with a pickax on June 13, 1983 along with Daniel Garrett (who died in 1993 before he could be executed). She was 23 at the time of the crime.

While in prison Karla educated herself and found religion as a born-again Christian. Her case became a national sensation both because she was an attractive young woman and had transformed herself through her religious conversion.

The appelat courts, the review board and governer George W. Bush were unmoved by her case and her final appeals were denied.

Her Texas prisoner number was 777.

Posted:  2004-06-22  8:01:35 PM

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