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The First Hall of Fame In America

Historical Events

On May 29, 1901 the Hall of Fame for Great Americans opened in the Bronx of New York. It is located in a 630-foot colonnade on the New York University campus (now the Bronx Community College). It rose behind the Gould Memorial Library, offering a panoramic view of Manhattan from the highest natural point in New York City.

There were 29 initial inductees, including Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson. Inductees were honored with a bust bearing their likeness.

For 35 years, it remained the only Hall of Fame in America.

The last election for new inductees was held in 1976. The last bust to be installed was that of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in 1992 (almost twenty years after his selection). Four other inductees: industrialist Andrew Carnegie, Red Cross founder Clara Barton, horticulturist Luther Burbank and Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis have never recieved busts.

Source: CNN

Posted:  2004-06-18  10:01:33 AM

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