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Welcome to the Distant Music archive. This collection of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and other music files were collected from sources all over the Internet and cataloged here to allow music lovers to locate specific songs and works by a favourite artist. None of the files in this archive were created, produced or modified by me. All these files were found freely distributed on the Internet. It is my wish that this archive serve to promote the original artist's work and not detract from thier achievements.

All files in this archive are stored locally, thus ensuring that every file listed is available and will not disappear (as files often do in archives that link thier files from all over the web). Because of the costs and work involved these files should NOT be linked to other sites directly or included in any other index unless the file is downloaded first.

This is an enormous project to research, index and link all the songs and artists for this site. In total I have over 4000 midi music files that take over 200 MB of disk space.

Check back often, as I wil be adding new files on a regular basis.

I welcome any comments or encouragement you'd like to E-mail me.

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